Herbal Healer | 90-min for two

Herbal Healer | 90-min for two

  • Lasts 90 minutes

This extra-special ritual calls on the calming and anti-inflammatory properties of locally grown Yorkshire Lavender. 

Performed in our serene treatment room for two, the experience begins with an invigorating lavender-infused salt scrub, followed by a stress-busting aromatherapy massage, both focused on your back, neck and shoulders. Warm herbal poultices are then placed along your spinal pressure points, helping to realign and rebalance you while the back of your legs and feet are worked on.

Then, we move on to the front of the body, applying flowing, wave-like “Lomi-Lomi” massage techniques to your legs and arms in unison. The ritual ends with a nourishing facial treatment, along with a scalp massage to leave you in a state of total relaxation.  

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