The Bespoke No.1 Massage (90-Minutes)

The Bespoke No.1 Massage (90-Minutes)

  • Lasts 90 minutes
Our massage therapists are highly skilled. They focus their experience, passion and healing hands on making a genuine difference to your muscular comfort and sense of wellbeing. And they will take your lead as to what you would like to address and how you would like to feel during this full-body massage.

Why not add a further 30-minutes to your full-body massage so that your therapist can spend more time on any particular areas of concern? Being in their skilled hands for longer, the effects of your massage will be greater.

Deep-tissue (+£20)
Our therapists can work further into your muscles, using deep-tissue techniques if you prefer firmer pressure or suffer from chronic tension.

Hot stones (+£10)
To promote blood flow throughout your body, you could add warm basalt stones to your treatment (must be booked 24 hours in advance of massage).

Reflexology (+£10)
Tap into the ancient philosophy of connecting pressure points on the foot to internal organs to promote overall health and wellbeing (subject to available Reflexologist).
From £150.00